Waarnemingen Amsterdam

Report garbage on the streets of Amsterdam




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Android Studio Java Firebase

In cooperation with SolidDigital, a software bureau located elsewhere in the Netherlands, I got the task to build the application for a new project. The supervisors of amsterdam were at times seeing some random litter or misplaced garbage. They wrote this down on paper, and handed those papers in at the end of their shift. Sometimes, these papers were forgotten, or some of them never even made it into the central registration. The municipality of Amsterdam wanted to have a solution for this: an app where supervisors could add reports of litter in the city.

This project existed of two native apps, both for Android and iOS. This app had to be intuitive and easy in use, therefore making User Interface the most important aspect of this project. Users needed to authenticate before they were able to make reports, making sure outsiders could not get in this system. The back-end was made by SolidDigital. Firebase was the central server technology used in this project. The app utilized Firebase Auth to make authentication and role management easy. Adding a report meant choosing a category, sub-category, adding a message and adding pictures and a location on the map.

The result was great. The people at the municipality of Amsterdam were happily surprised with the speed we were able to set this up. The apps, being native, are very fast and easy to use. They were designed to use the colors and UI principles that were already used in all municipality software, so it felt trusted and recognizable to the users.