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I have met the owner and founder of “vdK Industry”, a startup located in Amsterdam, through my sister. vdK Industry is a company that helps other companies with finding innovative solutions, and helps them with realizing new ideas the best way possible. vdK Industry was initiated early 2017, and is still a startup finding its way and taking every opportunity that comes their way.

At the time, vdK Industry had no website yet and the corporate identity of the company was not much more than a logo design. The full design was in my hands, which gave me an opportunity to really let my imagination do the work. The logo was partially inspired by the art of Piet Mondriaan, a famous artist known for his use of geometric shapes and primary colors. I passed this design philosophy on to the rest of the website, with amazing feedback from the owner as a result.

The website uses some new techniques to make it all work, like SASS, dynamic page loading and some complex animations. The website is very tiny, with only three pages, so there was no need for a complete back-end. A front-end only website was built for vdK Industry, where design was priority number one.

The website is unfortunately taken offline because the owner stopped working at vdK Industry.