The Cosmic Carnival

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The Cosmic Carnival is a band that primarily plays psychedelic-rock music. They approached me after making the website for their festival, Once Upon A Time In The West. The band had a release planned for their fifth album and 10th anniversary, and wanted to get a new website along with these two achievements.

At the time of starting with this website, the band did not have any design or corporate identity that they could call their own, so I could completely let my imagination flow, and design from the ground up. Fonts, colors and images were carefully selected during the design process. The feedback of the band was amazing, and they really appreciated the design and ease of use of the website.

The website is loading data completely dynamic. This means that animations between pages are possible, and make the website feel more premium. Custom elements like a music player are also built from the ground up, as the band had some special wishes. The main priorities when building this website were design, looks and speed.

You can find the website here: