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SnoozIT! is an app that lets the user take more control of the notifications on their phone. A common problem I found with studying while my phone is on was that I had to turn of my phone completely. I missed some important calls to the annoyance of some people, and missed some important decisions made via chat applications. The sheer curiosity of checking whether I received a new message kept me off work and studying. There was nothing in between of completely silencing your phone or letting every notification ring. The Idea for SnoozIT! was born.

When using SnoozIT! and after starting a SnoozIT! session, the user can choose what applications can send notifications, and what applications can’t. The applications do still send notifications, but SnoozIT! temporarily catches the notifications, and shows them to the user after the current SnoozIT! session has ended. This makes the user less curious to messages that could be received, but the user can still receive phone calls when they are important.

SnoozIT! has some other very interesting functions, and is available on the Google Play Store. SnoozIT! is available for free, but also has a paid version where ads are removed from the application.

Due to new functionalities coming to Android (Do Not Disturb mode), this app became obsolete and is therefore terminated and removed from the Google Play Store.