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I got to know Rino through an acquaintance of mine. Rino is an upcoming DJ who makes a lot of songs and does a lot of collaborations, and is starting to get a big name for himself in the music industry. He needed a website that needed no maintenance, and that’s where EkstrLabs came into play.

The design was all up to me, making this project very free-range. The website needed to feel robust, but it also needed to be a bold statement. Besides being easy to use, it most importantly needed to be a central hub for all his social media channels. The website combines Instagram and Facebook posts in one simple overview and the events are retrieved from a Google Calendar instance where Rino Sambo himself adds these appointments, organized with tags.

The website requires no maintenance. Whenever Rino Sambo updates or adds a social media post, the website is updated. Easy to maintain, and easy for the users to stay up-to-date.

The website is live here: