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Have you ever watched an entire movie on cellular data because you didn’t notice your smartphone switched from Wi-Fi to cellular data? The movie surely didn’t get any cheaper because of that. With Netify this won’t ever happen again.

Netify sends you a notification whenever your phone switches network types, to keep you updated on the type of network you are connected to!

Only when you want it:
You can tell Netify when to notify you: only want to receive a notification when your device is connected via a cellular data network, or also when connected to Wi-Fi? Netify obeys your preferences!

Exactly how you want it:
Customize Netify completely to your liking: don’t want Netify notifications to vibrate, play a sound or blink your notification LED? The settings in Netify leave you in charge!

Be on time:
With the notifications from Netify you can quickly open your cellular data or Wi-Fi settings with just one tap. Turn Wi-Fi on, or quickly disable cellular data!

Look back in the past:
With the Netify Log you can see when, and what kind of network you were previously connected to. You can also copy and share the Netify Log with the developer or with your friends!

Netify is completely ad-free, to keep you happy and to give you the best possible user experience. No annoying ads that distract you or limit your screen space

Netify is compatible with Android 3.0 and higher.

Netify on the Google Play Store