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In De Diamantfabriek (idd). is a festival based in Amsterdam formerly known as “Amsterdams Studenten Festival” (ASF). For the 2016 edition of ASF, the 2016 board decided to go with a new name and a completely new corporate identity. And so, In De Diamantfabriek was born.

The website was designed by Studio Gak, a small design studio also based in Amsterdam. My task was to bring that design to life in a beautiful and expressional website. The design philosophy was “simple, clean and a little playful”.

This was my very first production website, and built a complete back-end from scratch along the front-end. The board of In De Diamantfabriek 2016 was stunned by the performance of both the website itself and the back-end.

For the edition of 2017, only minor adjustments were made to the structure and design. The plans for next year are already on the horizon, as the board of the 2018 edition was already set up!

I also built the 2018 website, see the article here:
In De Diamantfabriek 2018

Unfortunately, the websites are taken down due to the termination of the festival. There now is a new festival in place, with a different name.