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After making the website for Rino Sambo, his co-manager Jerry Leembruggen, known as one of the DJ’s of The Partysquad, reached out to me because he was setting up a new identity for his management business. He needed a website, and needed someone to make it for him.

The website needed to look professional, with a bit of “urban” and some “party” aspects in the design. These are of course completely different aspects, thus designing the website was quite the challenge. Several iterations of the Bridges Management logo circulated throughout the design process, meaning there were multiple different designs discussed. After all, the final design touched all important aspects for Jerry; “The website looks strong like it means business, and also has an artistic and fun vibe all around”. The website has several intuitive and nice animations, all revolving around the design of the bridge logo, making the website easy and fun to navigate.

The website is viewable here: