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Here in The Netherlands it is still an issue of people with an allergy to go have dinner at a restaurant, because the menu does not specify what is eatable for people with food allergies.

AllergieCheck would have been the answer to all the problems of people with food allergies. AllergieCheck was designed to be a single place to easily check what restaurant is the best place to eat with certain food allergies. It is basically a search-engine that sorts and orders all restaurants from most appropriate to least appropriate, based on the food allergies and location the user specifies.

Users could make accounts to store their favorite restaurants and place comments on restaurants they’ve been to, to let others know about their experience. Restaurants got their own back-end to change anything about their restaurants listing, including the full menu. Within this back-end, there were some neat features like printing the menu-card complete with allergy information, and much more.

Unfortunately, there was too little enthusiasm among the restaurants in The Netherlands, so this project is discontinued and thus not viewable other than the screenshots below.