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Ever had the feeling that you just needed to let someone know something is up, but don’t want to tell someone you know? Feel like you just need to air out for a bit, but have no one to air out to? Have some inspiring words to say, but don’t know exactly where and how?

A Letter to Someone allows you to do just that! With A Letter to Someone, you can send an anonymous letters to people you don’t know!

It’s all anonymous, for everyone
You are, and will always be completely anonymous: the recipients do not know who you are and where you’re from. You will also not know who receives your letters, making the experience more exciting and safe.

Join with- or without an account
If you do not want to fill in your email address to create an account, you can choose to continue with a guest account for that extra bit of anonymous feeling. Even if you are to create an account, of course <u>no-one but you will know who you are and what your email address is</u>!

Customise your letter, with plenty of options
With A Letter to Someone, you can make your letter look exactly the way you want it! You will be able to choose different envelopes with different color combinations and different textures, and your letter can be changed by selecting different fonts. There are more than 25.000 different combinations possible already, and the list of envelopes and fonts will only grow!

Social, but different
Unlike other Social platforms, the recipients can only respond through a couple of hand-selected emoji’s, and only if they want to. There is no further texting or messaging possible. With this simple way of responding, there is less negativity going back and forth, making A Letter to Someone a safer place to share secrets or feelings you’re having.

Are you ready?
Let’s start this adventure!

You can download the app on the Google Play Store, or the App Store: